My Story

I'm a music nerd turned television host, turned Work-From-Home-Mom of two children.

I started off with a tiny blog called Tall Mom tiny baby which cataloged my insane life as a new mom. But as my life grew, my vision, my needs for my family, and my drive evolved into new areas. I have since created a burgeoning media company comprised of several industry leading podcasts and multiple blogs led by myself and my husband Blake.

But my greatest joy is the ability to empower women by helping them discover makeup and uncover their confidence.

My Vision

The world is a beautiful place and it will continue to be what we make it.

I've decided my part is to be honest. To be real. And to empower women to reach their fullest potential in whatever they choose.

Whatever you read here, whether it's about parenting, owning a small business, being married, social media, being a modern woman in today's society, makeup, or finding the magic in the world, I will always give you the truth.

My World

These are the people I work for on an every day basis. They are my family.  And they are the reason why I never stop pushing my limits.

My husband Blake, my daughter Felicity, my son Rhys, and myself.
My husband Blake, my daughter Felicity, my son Rhys, and myself.

Ready to Uncover Your confidence?

Take a journey with me to discover the best part of you -- whether it's being a woman, a mom,  or guiding you through the best skincare and makeup products -- I promise I will be with you every step of the way.