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Being a new parent has shown me that I can love more than I ever imagined. It’s been a revelatory experience. The best part though – not only has my heart grown larger for my tiny baby, but I have also fallen even deeper in love with Tall Dad. Just when I thought he couldn’t be more handsome, funny, or sweet, I see how gentle and loving he is with our Itty Bitty, and my heart melts even more. One of the struggles we now face is finding the time for a date night. So, with Valentine’s Day coming up this friday, I thought I’d share with you my date idea for all of you new parents!

#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tip 1: Get your Valentine a valentine.  Seriously, take the baby out, go to a local store and grab a card, or art supplies, or whatever, to make your own valentine.  I took Itty Bitty to my local Walmart, and he was in HEAVEN staring at all of the Valentine’s Day balloons. So, for him, of course, I ended up getting the biggest one I could find. Getting a Valentine is a little kitschy, but it hearkens back to a day of youth, innocent love, and it’s actually kinda freakin’ cute too.  It may be a little stupid, but I promise you that it will make YOUR valentine smile ear to ear.
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tip 2: Purchase or make them a little gift.  Valentine’s Days of yore were once lavish affairs where Tall Dad and I would don our finest, buy each other fantastic gifts, and dine at the trendiest (and generally most expensive) establishments.  Now that we have our baby, we have made a conscious choice to be a lot more careful about where we spend our hard earned cash.  This, however, doesn’t mean that I can’t do something special for him.  I spent $20 at Walmart, and came up with a fun filled “Date Night In” gift basket (instructions below.) If your super strapped for cash, never fear my dear reader –  make your loved one a “Love Coupon Book” – and include items like “10 min. back scratch” or “Good for 1 breakfast in bed.” Be as tame or wild as you’d like. Trust me, your partner will be very happy with this gift. 
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tip 3: Don’t forget to shower your Valentine with words of love – ALL DAY LONG! I’m talking text messages, sexy picture messages, sticky notes, phone calls (cue Stevie Wonder.)  You name it, do it!   Yes, the cornier the better.  Again, kitschy but way underdone.  Make sure that the day of love IS the day of love!  
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
At the end of the day, when you both get back from work, give your Valentine their card and present. Maybe you can share them over dinner, or after dinner and when the baby is *hopefully* asleep! Pop in a movie, or listen to some music that you both like. (Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” anyone?)  Just take the time to have a date night in together, and enjoy each other’s company. Here’s another great piece of advice:  when you are talking to them, address them by their name in a loving way.  (Think about it – how often do you call your loved one by their actual name?)  And while you’re doing that, think about how you felt on your second date with them, and what it was like when your heart beat so quickly as they approached to knock on your door.  Do yourself a favor and tell them about it.  Tell them how you and your for them love has grown. Let them know how much you appreciate everything that they do, and what a great parent the other one is.  

So here’s what I did for Tall Dad:
Tall Dad and I are huge movie buffs.  More importantly, Tall Dad is a serious sap, and a real sucker for romantic movies.  (I know, didn’t see that one coming, right?  But, it’s totally true.)  So, for our Date Night In, I thought it would be fitting to pick up one of the best love stories of all time:
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tall Dad’s slight crush on Rachel McAdams didn’t hurt either.  Swoon.
Oh, and you see that sticker? It’s a $5 credit to rent movies online through a site called  So we can either have a double feature, or save our rental for another date night in. Sleepless in Seattle next?
Ok, and let’s be honest here, the increased love of Tall Dad since having our tiny baby has also increased my attraction to Tall Dad.  And while having our tiny baby has cut into our personal time a little bit, I know what a large dose of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is going to do for us after the movie.  Hey, we may be tired new parents, but we still crazily yearn for each other too. So, I picked up K-Y Yours + Mine – which, also happened to have a dinner and a movie gift card.  Bonus time!
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Inside this box (which was only $15,) is a code for a gourmet meal at home for two through, as well as ANOTHER code for a movie through Score!
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
By purchasing this item, I have ensured that we will have another Date Night In – free dinner and a movie!
Last, I picked up a candle, a little teddy bear, and the quintessential box of chocolates!  I put all of the items nicely inside a basket, and tada! – here’s my $20 Valentine’s Gift that Tall Dad is sure to love!
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date

How are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one?

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